Communities First Mental Well-Being Service

There are 21,000 children and young people in Croydon, with some form of mental health need, they include depression, anxiety and conduct disorder and often are a direct response to the effect of covid-19 on their jobs, opportunities and social contact.

Thanks to funding from the Charities Aid Foundation, we are delivering a 12-week mental fitness coaching programme. It will develop the participants emotional intelligence and resilience; it will equip the participants with new tools and strategies to combat the biggest social and mental health challenges of their lives and leave them better equipped to deal with the devastation Covid-19 has caused to their lives.

Here are some of the positive feedback we are getting already:

“Thanks for inviting me, I enjoyed it, would like to attend each week”

Di Donaldson, Former Safeguarding lead for all schools and education RBKC and Westminster

“Congratulations to communities First on your successful award from the CAF Resilience Fund. We very much appreciate the amazing work you are doing to support the most vulnerable members of your community throughout this ongoing crisis.”

Charities Aid Foundation

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